Dr. Bornstein belongs in Trump’s pack of medical misfits

CNN)Dr. Harold Bornstein is back, baby. In multiple interviews, the President’s original superlative-laden physician is breaking news, airing grievances and dancing on the grave of Donald Trump’s former physician at the White House, Dr. Ronny Jackson. The parade of medical misfits in and around this administration is a sight to behold but makes sense amid an ethos that places self-regard over profession and community.

First, the news: Bornstein, history’s first physician to declare that his patient will be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” alleged that a Trump aide, accompanied by other men, barged into Bornstein’s medical office and took Trump’s medical records.
Bornstein said that the crew walked away with the original and only copies of the medical records he kept on his longtime patient, Donald J. Trump. The White House said it took possession of the medical records as part of “standard operating procedure,” and a separate source told CNN that a flustered Bornstein simply handed over the originals when he couldn’t get his copier to work.