Sen. Warren & Rep. Rosen: How Congress can combat sexual harassment

(CNN)Sexual harassment isn’t new. Every day, women across the country are catcalled on the street, groped by strangers and bullied online. Thanks to the brave women (and men) who have spoken out about this abuse, our country is taking a long overdue look at how to stop harassment once and for all.

Preventing harassment requires a cultural shift in how we think about women, power and the right of all people to live their lives with dignity — and Congress has a role to play.
That’s why we introduced the Sunlight in Workplace Harassment Act, a bill to increase the transparency of harassment in workplaces.
In recent months, one woman after another has come forward to expose the inappropriate sexual behavior of powerful men in the workplace. Some of those women initially reported their harassers and eventually received settlements, but only if they agreed to keep their mouths shut. Those secret settlements protected the harassers and their companies, allowing some perpetrators to continue harassing other employees year after year.
And while many stories have centered on sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, harassment occurs in workplaces across the country — including Congress.