Sheriff: Truck driver who dіed in I-94 crash drove off the road to save lives

Wisconsin police said that one of the truck drivers who lost his life in a fiery crash on I-94 yesterday was a hero who took evasive action to save lives.

During a press conference yesterday afternoon, Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling provided more detail about a multi-vehicle crash that claimed the lives of two truck drivers I-94/41 near Mount Pleasant in Racine County in southeastern Wisconsin.

Schmailing said that the crash began when a semi truck traveling south on I-94 made a lane change and hit a construction barrier. This caused the truck driver to overcorrect and crash into the median wall, which sent the median wall into the northbound lanes of the interstate.

Three northbound vehicles then crashed into the median or each other.

It was at this moment that a northbound truck driver chose to make a “very evasive maneuver” and drove off of the interstate to avoid the pileup, sending his truck crashing 30 feet off the roadway where it burst into flames.

Both semi truck drivers dіed at the scene. Two other people were seriously іnjured.

“In my 24 years on this job, this is the worst accident I’ve ever been part of,” said Schmailing.

Schmailing said that the driver of the northbound semi truck gave his life to save others:

Witnesses say that a semi truck jumped the median on I-94 and that the truck later caught fire and explоded. The crash left a semi truck dangling off of the interstate over Kraut Road. Local reports indicate that other vehicles were involved in the crash and subsequent fire.

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