Trump could turn a subpoena to his advantage

(CNN)What happens if Robert Mueller issues a subpoena for President Trump to testify in the Russia investigation? The experts disagree on what the President would do.

On CNN, Jeffrey Toobin predicted that Trump would take the Fifth, asserting his constitutional right not to be forced to be a witness against himself, and blast the entire investigation. Toobin’s former professor, Alan Dershowitz, doesn’t agree, citing the possible jeopardy it could place Trump in during potential impeachment proceedings.
The assumption among many commentators is that a subpoena poses a huge risk to President Trump and, just as importantly, to Republicans in 2018 and 2020.
President Bill Clinton, who had a pretty good sense of what was coming when he appeared before a grand jury, triggered an impeachment process through his statements about Monica Lewinsky. (Though even in that case, Democrats should remember that the impeachment process backfired politically by dragging down public support for the GOP.)